Strategic Acquisition Advertising

What is strategic acquisition?

Strategic acquisition is the practice of getting customers strategically through various methods, specialized to each business. The process of strategic acquisition is simple, it is data drive decision making.

  1. First we research and determine your ideal customer. In this method of acquiring leads, we know that all customers aren’t always ready to buy, but before they buy, they always research the product firs. By researching the product first, they are also in the stage where they determine their needs and figure out which product will best suit their needs.
  2. We then use the researched data to create a buyer persona in which we imitate and understand the buyer to create interactive and interesting content that will drive your lead to the website, landing page or sales page. By understanding the buyer, segmenting your audiences, this will allow us to optimize our campaigns to all the more maximize the most that you will get out of the campaign. Examples of interesting and interactive content includes..
    1. Video
    2. Blogs
    3. Free Offer Pages
  3. By creating content, this will attract the buyer to your platform/website,optimized and specialized which captures lead information by using spiffy and interactive calls to action like this one.

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4. We send you every lead that may lead into our funnel of which you can keep track of via our online reporting.


To shorten this. This is our process.

  1. Buyer research and customer persona
  2. Create interesting content
  3. Direct interesting content to offer page/landing page using interactive call to actions.



strategic acquisition

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